A personal challenge, and a way of tracking changing perspectives; to declare my current headline beliefs about workspace/place, in ten succinct points or less. At least quarterly, if not more frequently. So, no pressure then…

Please feel free to suggest other points you feel matter more, and explain why. Can we unpick enough to expose the heart of the matter?

[work]manifesto v1.0, April 2013:

  1. Workspace/place matters – in terms of ambivalent outcomes – more than we currently know, consciously or otherwise, to both people and organisations
  2. People value workspace at a human, ‘lived’ scale, once the novelty of shiny new internal and external stuff has worn off. This includes technology
  3. People value perceiving that they feel valued
  4. Perceived safety, territory and choice are part of what makes us human
  5. We respond emotionally and viscerally to space and place
  6. People are so diverse that one size cannot possibly fit all. In fact, one size likely cannot fit one. Beware deterministic boxes like generations and personalities
  7. Cause and effect are not linear in working environments; consider affordances and embrace complexity. Think about opportunities, options and flow
  8. Do not ‘magpie’ workspace ideas from near (e.g. other competitors) or far (e.g. other cultures) and assume they will work
  9. I have never seen a workspace that cannot be improved in some way, for the people who live it. The desire to improve however needs to come from within
  10. ‘Industry experts’ cannot improve your workspace for you. Are you prepared to explore, experiment, ask big questions, challenge, make mistakes, and learn…?



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