Giants’ shoulders

How does an industry or profession gain credibility? How do new voices attract attention in an increasingly crowded social environment? How do we get beyond our ‘conventional wisdoms’, and what we think we know, to explore new perspectives and challenge our own?

These questions, in part, lead to the same root: can we stand on the shoulders of giants? Who might these be, nearer and further afield, intellectually speaking? Pushing the boundaries of workspace/place will need to take us beyond the traditional boundaries of the built environment, beyond the ‘history of the office’ as we might currently conceive it, into social geography, environmental psychology, sociology, philosophy and beyond.

Who can help us go further, dig deeper, learn more, and unpick what we think we know? As this exploration grows, please feel free to suggest new ideas, people and areas to investigate.

Already on the list, in no particular order, are:


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