Empire of me

Who am I?

I am a university lecturer, a facilitator, a researcher, a problem explorer/solver, and an ongoing learner. I have an overactive – some might say slightly unhealthy – interest in organisational workspace and its relationship to workplace. This is probably linked to the fact that previously I was a regional facilities manager (FM) for a UK-based multi-national. The problem with overactive interests is that (for me anyway) the more you think you know, the less you actually do. Which is a rather bittersweet curse. Once I accepted workspace decisions blindly. Now I can’t help but challenge. Thankfully this is part of my job, or I’d probably go daft.

A wicked problem?

My concern is that much of what we think we know about workspace and workplace is ill-informed, yet remains the anchor for much ‘received’, ‘conventional’ wisdom for how and why we do things. How often do we step beyond our comfortable, safe boundaries – personally, professionally, as an industry/profession, whatever – and really try to question what we think we know?

This implies of course that significant organisational decisions and investments are potentially sat on shoddy foundations. Quite. Which affects pretty much all of us, big time. What if we are missing something sat right in our collective blind-spot?

Think organisational workspace doesn’t matter? Think again, and make damn sure you think differently.

Why this blog?

Well, you have to start somewhere. This is an ongoing experiment. A repository of reflections and ideas. A public – and Socratic – reflective journal. A catalyst. Doctoral research field-notes. Work in progress; all it can ever be. Will it become a credible research tool, mechanism or gateway to something more? We’ll see…

For now, it is an invitation – please read, ponder and by all means respond. Just remember to be polite and respect other’s perspectives. It’s a grim enough world at times without adding to it. Do unto.

Worth following me?

Am I an authority? Oh, I very much doubt it. Probably not now. Possibly not ever. There are many angles to explore, and there are many existing workspace/place ‘experts’ claiming authority. As this quest unfolds, I’m sure there will be heroes and villains aplenty. Just remember, there is always an angle, whether it is made explicit or not. Get behind what’s being said, and consider why someone might be saying it. Cultivate polite, rigorous, healthy scepticism. It will make your mind stronger, grasshopper.

Oh, and by the way – humility is far more attractive than hubris…

– “Old man, how is it that you hear these things?”
– “Young man, how is it that you do not?”


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